Drug Rehabs Newport Beach

Rated among the top drug rehabs in Newport Beach, Sober Partners creates a safe and home-like environment for individuals battling addiction and guides them towards sobriety using an integrated treatment approach. Recovery is more attainable than you think, provided you receive proper guidance and support throughout your journey towards sobriety. Our clinical staff possesses the experience, compassion, and expertise to help you break free from your behavioral disorders and attain improved physical and mental wellness.

Who should choose our addiction treatment center?

Individuals battling alcohol or drug abuse disorders and those suffering from dual diagnosis can benefit from joining our treatment facility. If you wish to heal from a gender-specific rehab or follow a Christ-centered recovery approach, our facility may be your best bet at recovery.

Besides, individuals looking for a sober coach or companion to support them in their recovery journey may benefit from joining our treatment. If you have a busy schedule and look for flexible treatment options, our facility can help you balance work and addiction treatment simultaneously with our executive program.

Advantages of recovering at our drug rehab 

Listed among the top rehabs in Newport Beach, our recovery center offers gender and age-specific addiction treatment programs. We provide a spacious and luxurious clean facility for our clients to help them have a comfortable recovery journey.

Our treatment center creates a safe healing environment and promotes sober fellowship among recovering addicts to help them embrace sobriety with peer support. With a dedicated, highly experienced, and friendly clinical team, we offer personalized care and attention to each patient in recovery. Not to mention, we are among the few rehabs to create customized recovery plans after assessing our patients’ physical and mental health status. As a pioneer rehab facility, we accept most insurance plans and offer addiction treatment at affordable prices.

How to find a rehab for recovery from addiction?

Choosing a drug rehab in Orange County can be an intimidating and time-consuming task. Here’s what to look for in a rehab facility:

  • Accredited staff – The rehab staff will play an integral role in your recovery journey. You need to receive treatment and support from a skilled and experienced clinical team to achieve sobriety safely. Look for treatment centers in Newport Beach with a dedicated and highly trained medical team.
  • Customized therapies – Most rehabs create a cookie-cutter treatment plan and use it to address all of the patients’ addiction disorders unanimously. However, each addiction circumstance is unique, and you will need a customized recovery plan to achieve comprehensive recovery from your substance abuse disorders. Join a drug rehab in Newport Beach, CA, that creates tailored treatment plans for each patient. 
  • Treatment for dual diagnosis disorders – Relapse is a common occurrence in an initial couple of weeks after recovery, as most detox facilities in Newport Beach do not address the underlying cause of addiction. Make sure to join one of the Newport beach drug and alcohol rehab centers that treat the underlying cause of addiction alongside the substance abuse disorder. 

Contact us at 844-262-8701 to verify your insurance with Sober Partners. We are among the leading drug rehabs in Newport Beach, with skilled clinicians, a high success rate, and numerous positive reviews from alumni clients. Sobriety is very much within your reach. 

Drug Rehabs Newport Beach

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Drug Rehabs Newport Beach

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