Drug Detox Newport Beach

Sober Partners is a high-end rehab with the best inpatient and drug detox in Newport Beach. Our tailored detox treatment plans will help you attain sobriety in a pain-free and safe manner. Here’s how to prepare for detox at one of the treatment centers in Newport Beach: 

  • Pack only the essentials

Your upcoming stay at a drug rehab in Orange County can feel like you will be away for a long time, causing you to overpack. Remember that you only need a week’s worth of clothing and pack only the absolute essentials. Packing the essentials can prevent unnecessary distractions and allow you to focus on your healing and recovery process.

  • Journal everything

Carry a journal with you when you leave for one of the detox facilities in Newport Beach. You will experience a multitude of emotions, thoughts, and feelings. Penning down your thoughts on paper can help you process those thoughts more clearly and allow you to analyze your recovery journey in the future.

  • Learn to trust the process

Changing your mindset is pivotal for a successful recovery. It all begins with redirecting your unhealthy habits into positive life changes. While you may feel frustrated, lonely, or annoyed, you must eventually learn to trust the addiction treatment process along the way. Try to develop willingness, honesty, and humility during your stay at a drug rehab in Newport Beach, CA, as these qualities allow you to attain sobriety and maintain it in the long term. The more open-minded you are about the addiction treatment process, the higher the chances of achieving a safe, speedy, and sustainable recovery.

  • It is okay to let people in

Being transparent with your treatment providers about your situation can improve your rehabilitation experience greatly. Try to be honest and transparent about your addiction disorder to your therapist and others in treatment. 

  • Do not expect change to occur at once

Change comes slowly. Remember that the rehab treatment cannot do all the work for you. Take the initiative to fix yourself and utilize the tools at your disposal to get better. While you may experience physical improvements within a week, it may take several days or months to heal emotionally and spiritually. Do not rebel against therapy or counseling, as your treatment providers are only trying to help you. Just look at it as a beginning instead of an end and keep an open mind throughout the program.

  • Leave the drama outside

Worrying about your debts, bills, and job outside may not only affect your recovery journey but can worsen your cravings and cause you to relapse. Leave all your everyday worries at the door. You can deal with them once you attain a healthy state of mind and body. Participate in the individual and group discussions and take notes of everything you learn at rehab to remind yourself later what you learned.

Your search for the top Newport beach drug and alcohol rehab centers ends here. Contact us at 844-262-8701 to join the #1 rehab for drug detox in Newport Beach. Sober Partners has helped numerous recovering addicts get clean using personalized detox treatment and inpatient rehab programs. Let us guide you towards a brighter, better tomorrow. Call us today to verify your insurance.

Drug Detox Newport Beach

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Drug Detox Newport Beach

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