Detox Program

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Sober Partners Detox Program

The detox process, location and method we employ will depend on 4 main criteria:

  • The substance(s) from which our our clients are detoxing.

  • The amount of daily use prior to detox.

  • How long the client has been using these substances.

  • Our client’s physical condition preceding the detox process.

Most of this information is established during the Intervention process or a phone consultation preceding the detox and we will make all the necessary arrangements ahead of time.

Your Interventionist or Intensive Track Counselor will accompany you to the Detox Facility and stay with you until you are settled in. A physical evaluation by a Medical Professional will be implemented for all our clients before the detox begins, in order to accommodate any special circumstances.

Detoxing from substances such as alcohol, benzodiazepines and opiates can be dangerous and could require partial hospitalization but is not necessary in most cases.

Each case is different but bottom line is, bring your pajamas and get ready to sleep for a few days. We provide women only and men only facilities.


DURATION 4-10 Days


It’s said that alcoholism and addiction is a family disease and no one member of the family feels the result of a client’s alcoholism or addiction more than our pet. When it’s time to get sober, why leave your pet at home? They deserve a break too. Our experience is that our animals are a big part of our sobriety and will be of yours too. We’re also partnered with programs that accept dogs and cats, and agree that pets can be a very beneficial component to ones addiction recovery process.



At Sober Partners, we put the clients first.  Here are some testimonials from clients/families that we have helped

Sober Partners Network is an excellent treatment center. The staff and all personnel are there for any need of the client. I personally felt safe,secure,and very at ease during my stay at Sober Partners.

Trevor J.
Avatar 2

Sober Partners Saved my life!..  This caring team of professionals showed me the personal attention I needed to support me through the early days of my recovery process.  Their Medically Assisted Detox Program made my transition into recovery comfortable and manageable.


I think Sober Partners is top knotch! These people have helped change my life in great way. Scott the owner is very caring and real down to earth about recovery. He still keeps in touch to check in with me.


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