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Sober Partners offers the best detox in Huntington Beach, CA, in a superior and high-end treatment facility. Our detox treatment prepares recovering addicts for sustainable sobriety physically, mentally, and spiritually and equips them with essential tools for a sober and healthy life.

What is a SMART recovery program?

SMART stands for Self-Management and Recovery Training and is a support program for individuals with various substance abuse disorders. The SMART program aims to teach recovering addicts how to control their destructive behavioral patterns and educates them on tips and exercises to manage cravings and urges in the long term. One of the benefits of SMART is that they continuously update the treatment methods based on the most recent scientific evidence in addiction treatment industry.

APEX organizations like the National Institute on Drug Abuse and the American Academy of Family Physicians recognize SMART as one of the most effective tools for treating addiction. Our drug rehab in Orange County relies on the SMART program to treat all forms of substance abuse disorders.

Do I need medical detox?

You may need medical detox if you are battling addiction for a long time. Medical detox is essential for those suffering from a moderate to a severe addiction disorder and it represents the first step in a long-term recovery process at most treatment centers in Huntington Beach.

The detox program cleanses your body of toxins and reduces the intensity of the withdrawal symptoms. Undergoing detox at one of our Huntington beach drug and alcohol rehab centers can help you achieve a safe and pain-free recovery and prevent you from relapsing in the long haul.

How can detox improve my chances of getting sober?

Medical detox plays a pivotal role in keeping your withdrawal symptoms in check. Without detox, you may experience severe pain and discomfort as the drugs leave your body. In worst-case scenarios, you may end up in the ER for life-threatening withdrawal symptoms during detox or end up relapsing shortly after.

Joining one of the detox facilities in Huntington Beach may not only improve your chances of getting clean but can prepare you mentally, physically, and spiritually for sobriety and a long-term treatment plan as well. Our drug rehab in Huntington Beach, CA, staff will manage your cravings via a combination of individual therapy, group meetings, and counseling sessions.

How does the SMART recovery program work?

Unlike the 12-step program, SMART is a self-empowering healing approach. While the 12-step programs require patients to admit they are powerless over their habits, SMART encourages you to examine your behaviors and identify the problems that need immediate attention. Our SMART volunteers also teach self-reliance, helping patients control their addictive behaviors.

Our team of behavioral therapies also uses SMART techniques like cognitive-behavioral and motivational enhancement therapy to equip recovering addicts with essential coping skills. We use a 4-point program to help recovering addicts learn critical exercises and tips for a sober life. Here are the core values of the SMART program:

  1. Building and maintaining motivation
  2. Coping with urges
  3. Managing thoughts, feelings, and behaviors
  4. Living a balanced life

Get started on recovery with our detox in Huntington Beach, CA. Sober Partners can help you find the best route to sobriety using a friendly, proven, and personalized healing approach. Do not leave your addiction control you anymore. Act now! Verify your insurance with us at 844-262-8701.

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