Crystal Meth Use

Crystal Meth Use

Crystal Meth Use | The Experience

Methamphetamine is sort of a thoroughbred among street meds. Its reaction to the body is immediate, furious and long lasting. Therefore, accompanied by immediate and future residual effects. Accelerated attention, wakefulness, and physical activity, and reduces hunger and fatigue. there’s a quick intense sensation or rush, followed by a durable high or high spirit. This initial high is best and most exhilarating, after that the user is chasing the first experience with crystal meth use as it will never be the same again.

Once the drug’s high wears-off / The Crash, the user typically feels symptoms like fatigue, disorientation, confusion, enlarged craving, severe depression, self-destructive tendencies, insomnia which lead to nightmares.
To avoid the unpleasant effects of coming-down from Meth, experienced users take more. Unfortunately, the consecutive highs, lead to tougher crashes. And in fact, this kind of chain usage will result in dependence and cravings lasting forever. Which means though you may beat the habit of taking this chemical stew, you’ll invariably have psychological yearnings.
In the USA, 0.6% of 12th Graders report use of crystal methamphetamine within the past year. This is a declining statistic considering 18% of the same group of 12th Graders report the substance is Easily available (according to NIDA’s 2018 Key Findings on Adolescent Drug Use Survey.
In Canada, the prevalence among young users is somewhere around two p.c. I in person believe overall use is somewhat higher, with abundant of it going unreported.

Crystal Meth Use | How & Why?

So, what specifically is this stuff and why is the experience so intense? Meth is without question the most powerful type of speed on the streets. It excites the bodies nervous system by inciting release of dopamine into the brain. Repeating this activity over and over and over again tends to burn out the effects over time. it’s created in tiny, dirty labs and used as an inject-able or snort-able powder, and a smoke-able crystallized form known as “Ice”. It’s relatively low-cost, makes it very enticing to young users.

However, unknown to the victims, dealers usually cut the crystallized product with harmful fillers like liquid drain cleaner, lamp fuel, Epsom salts or battery acid to return up with a 3:1 increase in product volume for ultimate sale of the drug. The mix acts as a powerful psychostimulant and sympathomimetic drug, entering the brain and triggering a cascading release of norepinephrine, dopamine and serotonin. Euphoria and excitement is caused by stimulation of the mesolimbic reward pathway.

Methods of Ingestion:

  • Swallowing – takes 20-30 minutes to get high through pills or mixed into a drink. Method presents least amount of risk, because the drug is absorbed more slowly. Effects are less extreme but last longer. The liver breaks down crystal into simpler components, but its use competes with other drugs, and so toxin breakdown may not be efficient. These substances migrate into the blood stream, causing possible drug interactions and overdose. Dangers include heart attack, stroke, coma and/or death.

  • Bumping and Snorting – takes 3-5 minutes to get high. Powder inhaled directly through the nose and quickly absorbed into the body. This method has similar risks than injecting since sharing inhalers can spread diseases like HIV and Hep B & C. Snorting can also destroy the nasal passages. In the kidneys, crystal constricts the blood vessels so that less urine is excreted and toxic waste is allowed back into the system, causing headaches and mental confusion. Long term use may cause bladder infections and inflamed kidneys. Smoking: takes 7 to 10 seconds to get high through inhaling, quickly spreading through the blood stream, with long term concerns such as nerve cell damage, depletion of neurotransmitters, paranoia, psychosis and increased chance of stroke.

  • Smoking Ice – really refers to vaporizing it to emit fumes, from glass pipes, or in make-shift foil tubes or tin cans, heated by a flame from beneath. Lung damage has been reported with long-term crystal meth use, but manifests in forms independent of route (pulmonary hypertension and associated complications), or limited to injection users (pulmonary emboli).

  • Shooting up – (or slamming) takes fifteen to thirty seconds to urge high, because the drug is injected directly into the veins/blood stream with a needle or syringe. This technique is very risky because it bypasses all the body’s defense systems. If injected into the blood stream, the drug travels on to the brain stem, giving a thirty second high. Physical effects include constriction of veins and arteries, reduced blood flow and increased blood pressure. The heart will beat a lot faster also, which increases risk of arrhythmia (heart out of rhythm) or heart attack

  • Hot Rail: takes 7 to 10 minutes to get high. The drug is heated in a glass stem until red hot and then inhaled through the nose, but can cause lung irritation/nasal passage irritation. The stem can also become contaminated and transmit HIV and Hep C.

Conclusion: Although, Crystal Meth use is reported on the decline, this is can be a false positive sign as availability of new designer Club Drugs, and accuracy of the self-reporting methods used by authorities are suspect. This complex concoction resulting in a complex salt is very versatile; soluble in water, inject-able and smoke-able. Users might use any dose from a hundred twenty five mg to over a gram, with use of a tiny needle. This dosage is also fatal to non-addicts; addicts quickly develop tolerance to this drug. Treatment and support are necessary for addiction, requiring a period of detoxification, followed by rehabilitation. Counseling is also recommended to address issues which lead to meth use.

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