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Are You Addicted to Working?


Are You Addicted to Working? Ways to Tell | Are You Addicted to Your Job When people refer to “workaholics,” it’s usually a joke but seriously, ask yourself ... Are You addicted to your job? Addiction to work is not a diagnosis found in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM), so [...]

Are You Addicted to Working?2019-10-24T05:29:17-07:00

11 Holiday Sobriety Tips


10 11 Holiday Sobriety Tips The Holiday Season | Doesn't Have to Suck! The holiday season can be one of the most festive and joyous times of the year, but for many people it can also be one of the most difficult. Individuals contending with depression, substance abuse, and other conditions often struggle the [...]

11 Holiday Sobriety Tips2019-10-16T18:17:40-07:00

Can Life be Fun WITHOUT Alcohol?


Can Life be Fun WITHOUT Alcohol? Its True | believe it or not... Getting and staying sober can be an intense journey as you process new and better ways to live without alcohol. For all your hard work, it’s also important to preserve a support system and a social life when in recovery. So what [...]

Can Life be Fun WITHOUT Alcohol?2019-10-16T18:22:38-07:00

Skittles-Parties: Fact or Fiction?


Skittles-Parties: Fact or Fiction? Prescription Drugs and Young Students The Wall Street Journal reported the first of many stories on this disturbing phenomenon originally dubbed ""Pharma (now Skittles) Parties"" at college campuses across the U.S. Instead of the traditional "kegger" (or in addition to the keg of beer) is a fact, and NOT fiction, [...]

Skittles-Parties: Fact or Fiction?2019-10-16T18:27:12-07:00

Methods To Stop Anxiety Attacks


Methods To Stop Anxiety Attacks Prescription's NOT required Gaining knowledge of how to stop anxiety attacks will appear to end up being a hard problem when you have no idea exactly where to start. Primarily anxiety attacks seem to develop for no obvious reason. Their triggers quite often are a mystery. Agoraphobia normally takes place [...]

Methods To Stop Anxiety Attacks2019-10-18T08:26:20-07:00

Drugs Behind Bars Increases Drug Addiction


Drugs Behind Bars Increases Drug Addiction Sad | and unfortunately, TRUE! Tough laws on drug possession and small time dealers has meant a skyrocketing number of Americans in prison for drug-related offenses. It has also meant an ironic situation, in which those incarcerated for crimes caused by addiction to drugs are still able to [...]

Drugs Behind Bars Increases Drug Addiction2019-10-16T18:04:20-07:00

6 Great Flicks about Drug and Alcohol Addiction


6 Great Flicks about Drug and Alcohol Addiction Recovery in Film | Some just never get old... There is no shortage of movies and television shows devoted to the topic of drug and alcohol addiction, and everyone has their favorite. From celebrity drug addiction to literary and historical figures with addiction issues, if you’re looking [...]

6 Great Flicks about Drug and Alcohol Addiction2019-10-16T18:31:19-07:00

7 Characters Dying for Rehab


7 Characters Dying for Rehab Art | imitating Life! Movie and television characters are often times extensions of the writers who create them. Based on that fact, and these seven characters, one could easily assume that Hollywood writers are all coked-up drunks. While not every character struggles with addiction (as many of them seem to [...]

7 Characters Dying for Rehab2019-10-16T05:56:37-07:00

5 Signs YOU Need to Detox


5 Signs YOU need to Detox Life is Short | take yours back today! If you are living with heroin addiction, alcohol addiction, prescription drug addiction and addiction to other addictive drugs, then detox may be necessary. Here are 5 signs that can let you know that the time of need is now for drug [...]

5 Signs YOU Need to Detox2019-10-16T18:35:21-07:00

Addictive Personalities 101 & Alcoholism


Addictive Personalities 101 & Alcoholism The Root Cause | the first place to start. The term “Addictive Personality” is often casually tossed around, and it’s not uncommon to hear someone claim they have one. Perhaps you suspect that you might have one yourself. But is there even such a thing as an addictive personality? If [...]

Addictive Personalities 101 & Alcoholism2019-10-16T18:36:57-07:00