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Are Drugs and Alcohol at Your Teen’s High School?

Are Drugs and Alcohol at Your Teen’s High School?

Let’s take | a closer look.

It seems like school would be the one place that parents could send their teens and not worry about what they are doing during the day. Most parents believe that the times of greatest concern in terms of child safety are after school and at night on the weekends. Are they at a party? Are they with friends unsupervised? … and most of all, are Drugs and Alcohol at your Teen’s High School?

However, according to a new nationwide teen survey from the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse from Columbia University (CASA/Columbia), 86 percent of adolescents around the country are reporting that their campuses are far from squeaky clean and that parents and teachers are often clueless.

One in Five High School Students

This most recent survey gives adults a glimpse into a day in the life of teen high school students and their relationship with drugs and alcohol on a daily basis. Unfortunately, a grim picture is painted by the results of the survey and may cause many parents to question exactly what kind of safety measures are in place at their child’s school to prevent the use and abuse of drugs on campus. The responses from teens showed that almost one out of every five high school students is abusing alcohol, tobacco, or drugs on campus during school hours.

The Most recent CASA/Columbia Survey Shows Private Schools Are Not Safe From Drugs

Many parents spend thousands of dollars a year on private schooling for their children in order to ensure a top-notch education. They assume that their children will be safeguarded from the drug issues that plague some public institutions. Unfortunately, according to the results of the CASA/Columbia survey, even a private school cannot guarantee that a child will be in a drug-free environment each day. During the survey year, more than half of private school students reported that drugs were present on their campus. The drug use trend in schools isn’t going anywhere, either – the number of students reporting substance abuse at their school rose almost 20 percent since the previous year.

Students Say It’s Easy to Fly Under the Radar at School

More than 50 percent of high school students report that there is a location on or very close to their campus where students can go to smoke cigarettes, drink alcohol, or get high on drugs – and 36 percent of the students say that it is easy to do this without the worry of being caught in the act.

Additionally, nearly half of all the teens said that they knew a fellow student who could get them high or drunk. Student dealers most often peddle one of the following drugs:

  • Marijuana: 91 percent
  • Prescription drugs: 24 percent
  • Cocaine: 9 percent
  • Ecstasy: 7 percent

What do you think needs to be done to help control the problem of determining whether your teen is using drugs and alcohol at high school campuses?

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