Alcohol & Benzo Withdrawal are Very Similar

Addiction Detox | What to Expect

The start of a good alcohol rehab experience always begins with a medical detox that is comfortable and safe. Actually, alcohol detox and benzodiazepine (benzo) detox / withdrawal (things like Xanax, Valium, etc) are very similar. Since stopping alcohol or benzos “Cold Turkey” can be dangerous, or even fatal, a safe detox is in order.

Alcohol rehab may not be so simple because even after the detox, you are highly likely to be affected by a syndrome called PAWS (post-acute withdrawal syndrome). I will talk about this more in a future post. Basically, PAWS makes you feel out of sorts, you are unable to think as clearly as normal, you are moody, have trouble remembering things, and many other symptoms. PAWS can last for months, but usually the first 30-45 days is the worst part. This is another reason why it is good to be in a structured environment with a daily routine and the support of professional people around you.

You need to be able to think clearly and make good decisions in order to be successful with your alcohol rehab. Obviously, this can take time due to the natural syndrome of PAWS that develops as your brain and body works on physically healing itself. Give yourself some time. Be patient. When recovery comes above all else, there is no reason to rush it.

There are actually hundreds of detox facilities in California, but most of them offer the same thing with no special results or personalized care. Some may even be little more than a hospital bed in a mental health facility and very few of them go beyond the minimum level of care required.

The Sober Partners® treatment facility in Southern California is located within an hour of Los Angeles or San Diego with private accommodations, if desired, in a comfortable and relaxed setting that also has an individualized treatment approach designed to get your body healing fairly quickly.

Whether you or a loved one needs to withdraw from alcohol, benzo’s, heroin or any one of the variety of dangerous prescription drugs, we can help find the best detox and treatment center for your needs and even assist with locating to go to after that.

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