Pet-Friendly Rehab in Orange County

When you’re in the process of recovering from an addiction to alcohol or illicit drugs, you will likely seek out the best possible treatment. You may reach out to a professional rehabilitation center for substance abuse. These centers offer amazing treatment for people suffering from addiction. Sometimes, though, the patients experience feelings of loneliness due to not being in a familiar location. To step over this boundary and encourage feelings of safety and comfort while staying at their location, Sober Partners offers access to a pet-friendly rehab. This is for patients who wish to bring their beloved animals along on their journey.

Our team is proud to be the experts at the alcohol and drug rehab Orange County trusts. We deliver expert attention and care for patients while they are on their journey toward recovery. We always go above and beyond to provide the care and attention that each specific patient will need. 

How Our Orange County Pet-Friendly Rehab Can Help Recovery

Those who require treatment for drug abuse can also reap the comforting benefits from the involvement of pets in the recovery process. All this comes from the fact that anxiety and depression are reoccurring symptoms among people who are addicted to drugs. The companionship of a pet goes a long way to keep the user occupied at all times, thereby dampening drug cravings.

Contact with a pet allows for the release of chemicals with positive effects on the brain. These are preferable changes in brain chemistry. Our pet-friendly drug rehabs, offered by the Sober Partners Huntington Beach team, give residents the freedom to live with their pets throughout the entire recovery process.

The advantages of animal therapy in pet-friendly drug rehab centers have been manifested in those people who are in drug rehab programs with diverse substance abuse histories. Those who face the problem of dependence on methamphetamine have shown positive changes when they are allowed to have a pet as a companion.

For example, a set of residents who have had positive results in pet companionship are those who are in recovery due to marijuana addiction. Another group of residents who unsurprisingly respond positively to this treatment is those who have already acquired this experience as pet owners. These examples, along with many others, are some of the primary reasons that our team is adamant about offering the opportunity to make your rehabilitation stay done with a pet-friendly rehab.

What Our Sober Partners Orange County Experts Can Treat

When you check into a pet-friendly alcohol rehab or drug abuse treatment center, you’re going to be thrilled to have your companion with you. Most often, the process of getting sober can be a difficult one. But, make no mistake. Our pet-friendly rehab professionals are dedicated to not only making your stay with them comfortable and familiar. They are also dedicated to getting the necessary results needed to make your sobriety a permanent change.

When you’re with our Orange County rehab experts, you will be put through effective treatment for substance abuse relating to any substance ranging from Marijuana to alcohol to methamphetamine. Our addiction counselors are not your typical team. The decision to make our center a pet-friendly rehab is an example of this. They are, instead, a group that will do everything they can to make your life healthier, happier, and more fulfilling by using methods for sobriety that cannot be beaten. Get the help you need with our pet-friendly rehab and start the next chapter of your life off the right way. 

Get the Help You Need With the Alcohol and Drug Rehab Orange County Trusts

If you or someone you know is interested in receiving care from a pet-friendly rehab that is equipped to handle you and your best companion through life, then be sure to get started on the path toward recovery with our team today. If you wish to learn more about the services we offer, our team, or anything else relating to how we can help make your addiction a thing of the past, then be sure to call the team at our Orange County rehab today and have your questions answered by one of our professionals.

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