Fun in Sobriety

We talk a lot about fun here at Sober Partners and here’s why.

Many of our clients come to us convinced that if they can no longer Drink or use Drugs that they will NEVER Ever have fun again! Some have never played a round of golf sober. Others don’t know how they will ever go out to dinner, dance, ski, ask someone out on a date? Its summer time and they are already wondering how on earth they’ll handle New Year’s Eve!

“But I like to party” they’ll say. Friends and family know different. They know the party has been over for a while. But the addict’s disease exists in the body and mind and affects their perception.

The fact of the matter is that alcoholics and addicts stopped having fun a long time ago and in many cases can barely make it out of the house and drinking or using drugs is as necessary as the air they breathe.

This is where Sober Partners comes in.

Detoxing is not fun, nor is the first 30 days of sobriety. It’s physically and emotionally exhausting and is why treatment, structure, education is so important. But as a client begins to feel better, it’s vital that we show them that life sober can be fun too. That they will laugh again. We challenge them, under our guidance, to try the things they used to do loaded, sober so when the time comes in the future they’ll have the confidence they need.

Everything we need is right here in our back yard in Southern California to have fun in sobriety. We do and we love to share it with our clients.

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