ACID: If its Bitter its a Spitter

ACID: If its Bitter its a Spitter!

2C’s, DOxs, NBOH & 25i “NBOMe” | Are not LSD!

25I-NBOMe 25-i is a phenethylamine which is similar to Ecstasy (MDMA) which is a derivative of the phenethylamine class chemical 2C-I which is a humancentral nervous system stimulant. The advent of these bitter and far more dangerous semi-synthetic hallucinigen’s brought about the street saying If its Bitter its a Spitter to help users quickly evaluate real ACID / LSD from clones. LSD Family are sold in 1/4 inch paper-backed tabs and also referred to as, Blotter, Window pane, Bloke, Craspa, Magic, Disneyland. AL-LAD, 1P-LSD, ETH-LAD.

NBOMes are 2C derivatives. 25I is derived from 2C-I, and it may even metabolize into 2C-I called 25i, 25c, Dom, Dob, Doc, Allad, LSZ. 2C’s are NOT LSD.

Fentanyl blotters and Liquid LSD are now available. Liquid ACID will always be bitter because it’s typically suspended in an ethanol solution

“Dropping” ACID: Pure LSD and Lysergamides are tasteless. Pure LSD crystal can be slightly bitter but for ACID, If it’s really bitter, it is really a spitter. Other synthetic chems are commonly misrepresented as LSD and likely a different hallucinogen. You should NEVER test chemicals with your body!

  • You will notice the sting if its not LSD. Its not a subtle taste, its like sticking your tongue on a 5V battery. You can tell the difference.

  • Semi synthetics 25x Nbome and DOx families have a strong bitter taste and numb your whole mouth. Some report shallow breathing with very slow and short movements in the diaphragm region and permanent visions for days. The trip doesn’t last as long as LSD and visuals more intense but, majority of 1st time users report never wanting to try again.

  • Most LSD tabs are dosed around 100ug, 25x and DOx families typically 3 times as potent making their experiences more intense but, that making double or consecutive dosing potentially fatal.

  • Blottter printed graphics/logos can taste bitter because of the ink. Not Xanax type of bitter but after 10 minutes can become unpleasant but, test as ACID

  • If it tastes like anything other than the bit of paper it’s on spit it out. It flat out isn’t LSD

  • Swallowing LSD is effective but, oral administration of 25x will have no effect.

Test Kits are Highly Recommended: Nbomes have a bitter taste and will not work if swallowed immediately, so if you don’t want to take an nbome you can just swallow the tab. However tabs may poorly synthesized or dosed with something other than LSD or Nbome so the best thing is to test. If its Bitter its a spitter validation can be obtained through popular manufacturers of testing measures from Marquis for MDMA and Erlich for LSD. Others can be found for as low as USD $20 having 4 different reagents that test for different types of drugs.

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