When trying to make the decision to go into a substance abuse rehabilitation program, there are many questions that will naturally arise. Many will require answers before final decisions on attendance are made. Sober Partners, the alcohol and drug rehab Orange County can rely on to get the best possible care in the area, knows that these burning queries should be answered before any final decisions are made. These drug rehab FAQs are among the most commonly posed questions regarding treatment, payment, and our team.

We pride ourselves on transparency and provide insights into what we can provide patients whenever we can. These questions will cover a wide variety of topics, all of which have been posed by countless people to our own experts and to other Orange County rehabilitation centers. 

Does Insurance Pay for Rehab?

One common question often arises from patients coming to our team, and that has to do with whether insurance for rehab care will be available for their stay with our team at Huntington Beach. The good thing for people also wondering about this very common drug rehab FAQ is that it is possible! Our team accepts insurance from patients coming into our facility.

Should I Get Insurance for Rehab?

When people consider attending a facility for help with substance abuse issues, they often contemplate the convenience and practicality of insurance for rehabilitation needs. Although the final answer comes down to everyone’s situation, our team recommends the practice as it can work to help alleviate any financial issues with attendance. 

What Is the Best Insurance for Rehab Patients?

Many drug rehab FAQs posed to our Orange County professionals have to do with the financial convenience and practicality of using insurance during care. As stated before, the practice is recommended, but which is the best option to use quickly becomes the next line of questioning. 

Our team cannot recommend any one insurance plan. Different plans come with varying benefits, and the final best option will come down to individual circumstances. Our team recommends the following insurance plans for patients:

  • Blue Cross of California
  • Antea Rehabilitation Insurance
  • Magellan Insurance for Rehab

These three options are all great but weigh your options. You need to decide on a final choice after taking inventory of various different plans and how they fit into your own budget.

Does Insurance Cover Rehab for Depression, Other Mental Health Issues, and Dual Diagnosis?

Drug Rehab FAQs also have a tendency to focus on whether mental health issues are covered by the same plans that cover their rehabilitation needs. Insurance covering mental health needs will come down to individual plans. Our team has serviced many patients through dual diagnosis treatment and has noted that different situations apply to each person. Care is individualized, and the conditions of their admissions are just as unique. 

What Is Dual Diagnosis Treatment?

Simply put, dual diagnosis is how people are treated when there is a mix of treatments that are applied to take care of mental health and substance abuse issues at the same time. It is a situation that requires a special set of care services that can tackle all issues at the same time and not abandon either while the other one is handled. 

What Are the 5 Stages of Recovery?

A famous drug rehab FAQ relates to the common appliance of the 5 stages of change that patients will go through while they are traveling on the journey to sobriety. They are:

  • Precontemplation
  • Contemplation
  • Preparation
  • Action
  • Maintenance 

This formula has been continuously proven through time. It has been a part of countless recoveries over the years and has been implemented by many Orange county rehab teams. 

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