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6 Great Flicks about Drug and Alcohol Addiction

Recovery in Film | Some just never get old…

There is no shortage of movies and television shows devoted to the topic of drug and alcohol addiction, and everyone has their favorite. From celebrity drug addiction to literary and historical figures with addiction issues, if you’re looking for a drug addiction movie you only have to hit up Netflix or turn on the TV.

The six great movie flicks listed below all have one thing in common, stories about Drug and Alcohol Addiction + they tell the story of normal people who ended up addicted to drugs. A teenage girl, a mother, teenage boy, 20-somethings, and 30-somethings – no one is immune to drug addiction in these movies.

~ Thirteen: Tracy Freeland, played by Evan Rachel Wood, is 13 years old in this film and struggling to be cool enough to hang out with Evie Zamora, played by Nikki Reed. Even though this means drinking, using drugs and damaging her relationship with her mother, played by Holly Hunter, she’s dead-focused on her friendship with the damaged Evie. Parents and teens can take this one as a warning.

~ When a Man Loves a Woman: This one is more than 15 years old now but it still resonates with couples in which one partner is living with an active addiction. Meg Ryan and Andy Garcia star as a married couple dealing with Ryan’s character’s (Alice Green’s) alcohol addiction and its effects on their daughter, played by Tina Majorino.

 ~ Trainspotting: This is one was a book first, written by Irvine Welsch, but the movie was a huge hit. Chronicling a group of friends and their heroin addiction, this was Ewan McGregor’s breakout hit. The events that happen to these characters as a result of their addiction – loss of a child, HIV and death, loss of friendship – are all starkly real but cinematic-ally portrayed.

~ The Basketball Diaries: This one is a biography based on an autobiography by Jim Carroll, but it’s included here because he, too, was just a regular kid who ended up getting strung out. Even well-adjusted teens on the basketball team with a solid group of friends can end up doing drugs and stealing to support their habit – and then begin a rapid spiral downward as a result.

~ Blow: While this is based on the life of George Jung, a cocaine dealer who did a lot to create the cocaine market in the United States in the 1970s, it’s also the story of a young guy who wandered out to California with no direction in mind. He ended up with a cocaine addiction, lost contact with his daughter and caught a 15-year prison term.

~ 28 Days: Starring Sandra Bullock, this one is pretty standard viewing among those in recovery. This 30-something women is forced to reevaluate everything in her life from her fiancé to her focus to her family relationships as she undergoes 28 days of inpatient drug rehab.

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