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5 Signs YOU Need to Detox

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If you are living with heroin addiction, alcohol addiction, prescription drug addiction and addiction to other addictive drugs, then detox may be necessary. Here are 5 signs that can let you know that the time of need is now for drug detox and addiction treatment.

1) You Need Detox if…

…you experience withdrawal symptoms when you try to stop using your drug of choice. Physical withdrawal symptoms will vary depending upon your drug of choice, but they can be significant and severe. Opiate addicts may experience bone and muscle pain, nausea, constipation or diarrhea, among other symptoms. Uncontrollable shaking, hot and cold flashes, intense sweating and serious headaches are withdrawal symptoms associated with alcohol addiction and other drugs of addiction.

Because withdrawal symptoms can cause complications when other medical conditions are present, it’s important that you choose a medical detox to help you through the process.

2) You Need Detox if…

…your health is deteriorating due to your drug abuse. If your doctor has told you that the respiratory problems you’re having, the heart palpitations or the kidney pain is due to your drug addiction, then you need drug and alcohol detox. If you stop quickly enough, you may be able to slow down the progression of the illness if not reverse the symptoms completely.

3) You Need Detox if…

…you crave your drug of choice all the time. If you can’t do anything without wanting to be high, then you need drug detox. If you choose your activities based on whether or not you can be under the influence while doing them, you need a medical drug detox that will help you regain control of your life.

4) You Need Detox if…

…you lost your job due to drug abuse. You lose more than a paycheck when you get fired for drug addiction. You lose your reputation and your opportunities for the future. It’s difficult to find another job (or get your old one to hire you back) if you haven’t been to drug detox and broken free of drug addiction.

5) You Need Detox if…

…you have financial and/ or legal issues due to your drug addiction. The mere cost of your drug of choice can be enough to drain your bank account, but those who struggle with long-term drug and alcohol addiction often find themselves drowning in bills and no way to pay them. Losing your job is one way to incur financial problems due to drug addiction, but legal problems cost an arm and a leg as well. Getting arrested for possession, being drunk in public, driving under the influence, causing a disturbance, assault, domestic violence and petty crime are all common for those who are living with an active drug addiction. If court costs and fees are burying you and you can barely afford your next dose, then you need drug detox.

Choose Detox Now

Once you recognize the need for drug detox, finding a medical treatment center to help you sooner rather than later is important. Early treatment can make all the difference in getting your life back.

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