30 day THC cleanse (Street Advice)

30 day THC cleanse (Street Advice)

30 day THC cleanse (Street Advice)

Let’s get this outta the way!

Especially if you are on probation … if you get caught bringing someone else’s pee in for a UA, you will automatically get charged with the felony. So, we don’t recommend you try that. So, let’s say you are on probation and you need to clean your system of marijuana. The best practice recommendations below are geared toward the 30-day cleanse. If you are in random drug test panic mode, you have to go search for by many quick detox remedies out there. but, if you refuse to stop for a period of time, and go with drinking one of the marijuana detoxifier drinks, beware success rates are very mixed.

Tip # one: (duhhh)
Stop smoking weed – the first step to cleaning your body of marijuana is to stop smoking it. The first time I went on probation I was smoking for about two years straight and smoking every day multiple times a day. Without taking an detox acceleration steps, It took me over 50 days starts showing negative on a drug test and I’m an averaged sized guy will not too much fat. It took me that long to actually come-up negative on a drug test. Another friend of mine came-up clean after 30 days of not doing anything special accept quitting but, he has a higher metabolism than I. If your body has more fat you are more the weed will stay in your body longer because weed is held in fat cells. So, obviously if you have more fat in your body you’re going to tend to show up positive for a lot longer and if you’re heavier user you will also show up positive for a lot longer step

Tip # two: EXERCIZE (yea, I know)
You’re going to want to exercise a lot. This is highly (no pun intended) recommended to accelerate the cleansing of your body. Exercising will cause you to sweat which is the best method of ridding your body of marijuana remnants. Cardio workouts, swimming, playing basketball or any physical activity should do the job as long as you are working up a good sweat.

Tip # three: LIQUIDS
Drink a lot of water or teas/ Green tea is known to have superior cleansing properties. Black tea if you prefer. Stay away from sugary drinks. That stuff adds fat and isn’t good for you. Coffee is OK but don’t put a lot of creamer and sugar in it. That’s not going to rid your system of toxins. Also, do not drink cranberry juice wiil you are trying to detox yourself because that’s something that you’re going to want to do on the day of your drug test and I’ll mention why later. Just stick to water-based no sugar beverages.

Tip # four: EATING
Lastly, eat healthy! This is self-explanatory. Like previously stated, the fatter that you have on your body the more likely that the marijuana is going to stay in your system. If you’re eating fatty foods that’s just going to help the marijuana cling to you inside. foods that are known to aid in detox process are; broccoli and asparagus are really high in fiber so, they really help with system flushing process.

Tip # five: AVOID
Stay away from nicotine and CBD’s. Nicotine helps the marijuana stay in your system for a longer time than it needs to. Most CBD has THC components. Even Hemp-based CBD has been known to trip a drug test and show positive for marijuana even though that your system is clean. You don’t really know is THC-free is truly 100% clean. You can read a lot of
articles saying that if you do smoke CBD that you are a little bit more likely to show up positive for marijuana than if you weren’t to smoke CBD. So, why take the risk?

Final Suggestions: DAY OF TESTING
The first is to NOT give them your first or second pee of the day, and wait till your third or fourth. If have you to test at 8:00a.m. wake up two and a half hours before the test to make sure that they don’t get your first pee of the day. Really think about this …
The Second tip is to drink a lot of cranberry juice this day. Probation officers and the like that do urine tests aren’t going to care if you drink cranberry juice and/or a lot of water to dilute yourself. They are more concerned about the integrity of your urine sample.

If you are following these guidelines, be prepared for feedback like “Oh, your pees not yellow enough. We need you to have yellow pee” or something similar. You can also take B2 (Riboflavin) pills that adds the color yellow to your pee. So, if they are complaining take one of those pills the night before and day of test.

The last thing is you’re going to actually want to take the sample from middle part of your pee stream and not from the first stream of pee. To take sample from middle, start peeing outside/next to the cup for like one second, then capture the rest and hopefully not the last drops.

Hopefully this practical experience will be helpful to you or someone you know who is contemplating detox from marijuana for an upcoming drug test or screening take the 30 day THC cleanse (Street Advice) So you can get back to smoking again!

DISCLAIMER: The above shared findings are distillation of medical research and personal experiences gathered online and printed material as general principals as general guidelines and not fact, warranty or guarantee results in order to aid the reader in making informed decisions for themselves. The effects and duration of any drug, herb or other consumable are all subject to variations on the averages based on the consumers specific dosage, age, body weight/mass, gender, food intake, hydration and metabolic rate (BMR), among other differentiators.

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