types of drug rehab programs

3 Different Types of Drug Rehab

3 Different Types of Drug Rehab

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There are a number of different types of drug rehab programs for you to choose from if you are contemplating treatment for opiate addiction, alcohol addiction, marijuana addiction, cocaine addiction, heroin addiction or prescription drug addiction. All 3 of the different types of drug rehab should provide some form of medical detox as well as therapeutic treatment to address the psychological aspects of addiction as well as aftercare to reinforce their methods and philosophy after treatment.

Traditional Drug Rehab Programs

Traditional drug rehab programs are the most common and are usually based on the 12 steps and 12 traditions exemplified in Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, and other similar groups. Their philosophy is based on the idea that if you develop a spiritual program and focus on service to others while working through the steps that address different aspects of addiction, you will stay clean and sober. Theirs is a ‘day by day’ approach and they teach recovering addicts that they are not in control, that God – or your version of God – is in control and only through letting go of outcome will you be able to avoid relapse.

Religious Drug Rehabilitation Programs

Religious drug rehab programs are built on the same tenets of traditional 12-step programs but with the added structure of their specific religion. The idea that you need to give up control of your life to the higher power named in your religion and first serve your god before anything else is what will keep you free from drugs, according to religious drug rehab programs. If you were raised in a certain religion or practice a certain religion, then these programs will be especially helpful.

Holistic Drug Rehab Programs

Holistic drug rehab programs appreciate the spiritual aspect of treatment, but they are just as focused on your mental and physical recovery. They do not heavily weight the spiritual aspect of treatment but place it in even balance with your continued detox for physical health and therapy that addresses your psychological health. There are often a wide range of therapies and treatment amenities provided at holistic drug rehabs, which allows for a personalized treatment program. Based on what works for you, you are encouraged to take a hand in designing your own path through recovery at an holistic program.

Choosing the Right Drug Treatment Program?

For many people, the structure that comes with a 12 step or religious program is exactly what they need after a long period of depending on themselves in drug addiction. Developing discipline by following the rules rather than bending them to your own desires can be extremely helpful in avoiding relapse later on. Having a solid foundation in what you are allowed and not allowed in recovery can come in handy when you are in questionable circumstances after treatment.

For others, the freedom provided by an holistic drug rehab program is easier to trust. By creating your own program, you have the opportunity to explore a number of different types of treatment and therapeutic approaches and to take full advantage of the ones that speak to your experience and evoke a response in you.

If you would like help figuring out which is the best type of drug rehab for you, contact us today. We can help you find the drug addiction treatment center that will help you fight drug and alcohol addiction.

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